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Worry-free purchase of fiber cutting laser machine, delivery time is only 7-15 days

Publicado el 12. 07, 2020

In the current era of the rapid development of e-commerce, consumers can buy their favorite products without leaving their homes. The emergence of cross-border e-commerce has improved the situation of import and export trade limited by time and region and has brought good news to merchants doing export trade. MYST Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is an international trading company engaged in the production and export of laser equipment and has taken the opportunity to get on the train of cross-border e-commerce. When customers choose cross-border e-commerce companies to purchase products, they are not only concerned about the most basic product quality issues, but also the merchant’s delivery speed.

The laser equipment produced by MYST Laser mainly includes a laser metal cutting machine, laser welding machinelaser cleaning machine, laser marking machine, and plasma cutting machine. The product quality is reliable and the delivery speed is fast. Foreign customers can buy with confidence. We have a 30,000 square meters factory, more than 200 skilled workshop workers, non-special holidays, we promise to complete delivery within 7-15 days after the customer places the order.

  1. If the delivery date of the order catches up with the special holiday in China, the delivery date will be adjusted due to the different length of the holiday. February 12, 2021, is the Chinese New Year. Generally, starting from February 13, 2021, shipments will be very tight. Judging from the current situation, customers want to receive the goods as soon as possible, especially if they send out the CNC laser cutting machine metal they ordered before the Chinese New Year, so as to avoid delays in production and the original delivery date due to the Chinese New Year holidays, and finally delay their own production plans. And the closer it is to the Chinese New Year, the price of FCL shipping (transportation is divided into LCL and FCL, generally the CNC laser cutting machine steel is relatively large and suitable for FCL shipping) has been rising. If the customer intends to order a laser cutting metal sheet machine from our company in the near future, please contact our sales staff as soon as possible to determine the machine model and configuration as soon as possible, so that the factory can arrange the production plan. Before the Chinese New Year holiday, we will complete the delivery of the laser CNC metal cutting machine.

deliver goods

2.In order to let customers receive the goods as soon as possible, and to facilitate us to arrange the new production plan in 2021, we have accelerated the production schedule of the order. In November, we completed the delivery and shipment of 100 equipment, and the company ushered in a short period of time. During the peak delivery period, the following is our delivery scenario:

deliver goods

deliver goods

Through the pictures, you can see that our product packaging is very tight to avoid damage during transportation. The workers have done their best and done very well in the details. Both the overall packaging and the reinforcement of the details are fully guaranteed.

deliver goods

3.As a member of many sheet metal laser cutters, MYST Laser always considers issues from the perspective of customers, and always puts customer experience first. As long as it is reasonable feedback from customers, we will make improvements in the shortest time. As a leader in laser smart equipment, we focused on providing great technical support and we have one professional laser cutting machine communication Center. we will build our industry 4.0 and future plants, helping companies to build smart manufacturing and enabling smart manufacturing. Our company's values are customer-centric, strive-oriented, continuous innovation, and realize company value and employee dreams. Before 2040 we will one of the most important companies in the laser field.