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2020 MYST Laser Anniversary Celebration of Prairie Trip

Publicado el 08. 20, 2020

The time indicator quietly points to the last 1/3 of 2020. In the past six months, the heavy steps of the times have become a heavy burden on everyone's shoulders, and no one dares to relax in the slightest. Overnight, the epidemic has made many small companies unable to stand up anymore, and many large companies are layoffs and production cuts, especially in foreign countries, and even some century-old enterprises and schools have come to an end in history. We are unable to change the painful facts, but we can change ourselves, adjust our mentality, enhance our self-worth, break out of the siege, make breakthroughs, and move forward steadily. This is the attitude that MYST has and should have at this moment.

Every departure is a new journey. Put aside the past and feel the beauty of the present. With a calm heart, listen, and appreciate the scenery of the journey.

Our family

Collection of departments, clear division of labor, each with its own style, youthful vitality


 Our family

Our family


First stop: Gubei Water Town

Gubei Water Town is a resort town with a unique northern style at the foot of the Great Wall. It sits on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir, backed by the most beautiful and dangerous Simatai Ancient Great Wall in China, with green mountains and green waters, and a hundred flowers blooming on the Yuanyang Lake with blue waves. The breeze blows across the cheeks, wherever you go, there is a sense of spring, let your steps slowly walk among the feast of flowers, and feel the leisure and tranquility of the water town.

 Gubei Water Town

Second stop: Mulan Paddock·Bashang Grassland

The sky, the wild, the wind blowing and the grass, the grasslands and the grasslands we see: cattle and sheep flocks, blue sky, green grass, white clouds, big windmills, a vast and pleasant picture. Bustling between the high-rise buildings in the city on weekdays, at this moment, being in long green grass, don't have a mood.


 Mulan Paddock·Bashang Grassland

Rain on the prairie

The weather on the grassland changes rapidly. The sun is shining in the east and dark clouds in the west. The last part of the journey was filled with clouds and mist, and the next part was the scenic blue sky and white clouds. On the grassland in August, the weather was very cool, and then suddenly there was a moderate rain that was so full of nowhere to hide, it was really a chill. . . However, the tour guide told us that "rain" is a kind of blessing to the herdsmen on the grassland. Every plant and tree here is a property bestowed on them by heaven, and they guard this wealth.


  Rain On the Prairie

 Rain On the Prairie

Yurt Fake Horse Feast

On August 15, 2020, the Mister's Anniversary Yurt Fake Horse Banquet hosted all the staff. The friends who attended in costumes experienced an exotic banquet. The taste of the red and white food in the banquet is very different from our Han nationality and very different from the gourmet feast we expect. Perhaps, for us who were hungry at the time, we were a little bit disappointed and made complaints. But looking back at this experience now, is it not a new life experience? Accepting all the good and bad things that life gives, and with this positive attitude, our lives will become broader. Our country has also accepted 56 ethnic groups seeking common ground while reserving differences. With the distinctive development of each region of the motherland, we are ushering in the prosperous situation of our beautiful China.


 Yurt Fake Horse Feast

Third stop: In-depth tour of grassland by off-road vehicle

Foggy wall

The journey of the deep tour of the grassland has just started. The weather is gloomy and the sun is still not coming out behind the clouds. We got off the car and went to the birch forest. The rain before the day brought us good luck. The sun came out, and we saw a rare sight The foggy wall surrounds the sky above the grassland, giving people a vague feeling of being in the fairy world. Everyone took out their mobile phones to take pictures.


 Foggy Wall

Boys are brilliant

Beauty is not only a privilege for girls, but also for boys to travel. The eye-catching and spicy-eye pictures are also unique. Although not a young and Dangerous boy, he is the most beautiful boy on the grassland.


 Boys Are Brilliant

Prairie Happy Hour

On the wide prairie, we played football, jumped ropes, tug-of-war and other interesting entertainment activities, which improved the team’s ability to collaborate, especially in the tug-of-war, the old drivers of the team and our team galloping on the prairie A close match for three rounds. Our team lost momentum in the first round, adjusted its strategy, came from behind, and won two to one. The empty grassland was filled with cheers and joy. Entertainment is an attitude, but also a spirit-our spirit of unwillingness to show weakness.


 Prairie Happy Hour

The three-day grassland trip soon ended. We walked out of the hustle and bustle of the city, felt the comfort and quiet of nature, relaxed our minds, adjusted our working conditions, mobilized work enthusiasm and enthusiasm, and devoted ourselves to work better. I also wish The company's fiber laser cutting machine sold out this year, exceeding its sales target.